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A Taste for Adventure is by No Means a Masculine Monopoly

Enchantment starts today with a Blue Beard theme and Aisling's items are amazing to say the least. I have on The Unexpected Wife, The Good Wife, and The Bad Wife (Enchantment Prize). I paired it up with! gO! for Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opens August 8th). I just used the underskirt from the !gO! Commander outfit for this post. 

I am extremely excited to have joined the Nox blogging team. I have on Nox's items for Enchantment Pariah face tattoo, Unhealthy Glow and Reddened Lips Light. I had to get this stunning new hair by Spellbound, it is sooooo sweet, grab yourself some Jezebel <3.

Skin: Pink Fuel Harley - Crystal, Lid 02 Ultrabrow W/ brand new Wowmeh Applier and Freckles are included!
Hair:  Spellbound Jezebel - Natural Selection Pack (Includes Gemstone w/ texture change hud)
Eyes: Buzzeri Ardent Eyes - Umber
Shape: Wowmeh Fitted Mesh Body
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh
Teeth & Tongue: DeeTaleZ  Tongue with Piercing

Eyes: Nox Prize for Enchantment Unhealthy Glow - Purple Light  TYSVM Anya <3
Lips: Nox Prize for Enchantment Reddened Lip - Light
Tattoo: Nox Item for Enchantment Pariah Tattoo - Love
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri Falsies
Nails: Adoness Applier for SLink Queen Anne Set

Outfit:  !gO!  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opens August 8th) Commander Underskirt
Necklace: Aisling Prize for Enchantment The Bad Wife
Belt & Sword: Aisling for Enchantment  The Unexpected Wife (hehe)
Ring: Aisling for Enchantment The Good Wife (This is soooo pretty)

Poses: .mien. Poses Valkyrias

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Those Who Don’t Believe in Magic Will Never Find It

I know it is the end of The Secret Affair  today but, I wanted to slip this post in. This dress and shoes are by Pixicat and they are stunning, the dress looks amazing from behind ^^. LCKY has a new hair it is part of the Femboy Hunt and I had a blast playing around with the huds, if you get a fat pack there are like hundreds of options and you can make one part of your hair with one hud attach another and apply it to another part. These sparkly wings are by Olive they were at Fifty Linden Friday a couple weeks ago they are really cool, I am so glad I got them.

Cubic Cherry Kre-ations has this amazing top hat at the A6D event. So what you need to do for this event is buy something at the event and it will give you a hud you wear this hud and you can go to the main store of the item you purchased and get 50% off an exclusive item and  this bowtie is the discounted item. I added a little Belle touch to the top hat and added this adorable Kodama (a spirit) by Geek, this can be found at Gacha Mania. I hope is all okay as it can be Jada <3, I know Washington State has been going through a tremendous disaster, my thoughts are on you and your families safety.

Skin: Essences Greek Goddess Athena - Medium 01 Brown
Hair: LCKY @ Femboy Hunt Hebiko - this is a combo of a few different huds
Shape: Wowmeh Fitted Mesh Body
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Summer Eyes in Aquamarine
Teeth & Tongue: DeeTaleZ  Tongue with Piercing
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Eyes & Lips: La Malvada Mujer @ The Cosmetics Fair My Pink N5 Full
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri Falsies
Nails: Adoness Applier for SLink Queen Anne Set

Hat: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ A6D Checkmate Top Hat
Bowtie: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Checkmate Bow Tie (Directions are above for this exclusive item discount)
Face Band: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ The Blues Hunt Void Face Band (Male orientated but, can be unisex)
Hat Brim Ghostie: Geek @ Gacha Mania Gacha Item Kodama Nom Nom Pink Rare
Dress & Shoes: Pixicat @ The Secret Affair Royal Dress & Shoes (Sold separately and there is a mini version of the dress too)
Wings: Olive The Flutter My Fairy Wings - Night Sky W/ Sparkles
Bracelets: Eudora @ A6D Kamamal Bracelets - Silver
Wand: Atomic Wish Master Wand Gacha Item - Silver

Poses: anlar poses Daydreamer Series (Still up for 125L)

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Spy is Such a Short Ugly Word. I Prefer Espionage, Those Extra Syllables Really Say Something

Short and sweet, this is an incredibly adorable outfit by NS, it includes, dress, glasses, stockings, footwear, a bag, nerdy markers and a tongue :P My most smoking hair is by Moon, it is at the main store OMFG, I love these bangs!

Plethora is the creator of the Femme Fatale kit it is available at The Liaison Collaborative and for only 50L, wow!  along with my amazing poses by Le Poppycock. I had such fun playing with these Plethora gadgets <3

Skin: Essences The Greek Goddess Athena Medium 01 Brown
Hair: Moon Tin Foil Naturals 2 Pack
Eyes: Buzzeri @ The Seasons Story Arcane Eyes - Amber
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh
Teeth & Tongue: DeeTaleZ  Tongue with Piercing

Eyeliner: NOX @ The Cosmetics Fair Sixx Liner - White
Lips: NOX @ The Cosmetics Fair Acid Lips - Pink
Freckles: Pekka @ The Cosmetics Fair Light Freckles Moon Mole
Tattoo: Elska @ N° 21 Blackwork

Dress, Glasses, Shocks Button (footwear), Stockings, this comes with a lot more: NS A Little Nerd Outfit
All Spy Accessories: Plethora @ The Liaison Collaborative Femme Fatale Set (This is so cool get it!)
Bag: Mango Cheeks @ N° 21 Lockhart Purse - Night
Necklace: Random Matter Rhiannon Necklace - Black/Black
Bracelets: Oh! Studio My Wristchain I believe this store is gone :(

Poses: Le Poppycock @ The Liaison Collaborative Femme Fatale B

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Give Your Stress Wings and Let it Fly Away

Pixel Mode has this amazing bed, lamps and end tables at this round of  The Liaison Collaborative it is called Josephine. There is an adult and PG version available, if you haven’t been go check it out. I love this event and adore the pose section, I usually buy a set each month from this collection of amazing poses. 

I also snapped up this amazing lace canopy by anc Ltd while at The Liaison Collaborative I will be putting this to lots of use. My hair is amazing, I love the curled ends and will be at the Little Bones main shop, it is from the Hair Fair and it is called Breathe and I am wearing the Browns pack, TYVM Nova <3. Lingerie is by Fishy Strawberry, Magnetic White for Wowmeh fitted mesh shape.

Additional Decor:
Fireplace: Trompe Loeil Candle Fireplace Plaster Plain
Vase: [ keke ] Lab Vase W/ Magnolias

, #Pixel Mode #Liaison Collaborative #anc Ltd #LIttle Bones #Fishy Strawberry #Trompe Loeil #[ keke ] #Decor #Anabelle Marquis #Bellessima #Second Life #Fashion #Virtual Reality #Virtual Worlds #Virtual Community #Metaverse #Wowmeh

Every Summer Has It’s Own Story

So sweet, so summer. I am enjoying this summer immensely, I hope yours is splendid too. My outfit is from all over so all details will be listed below. Happy shopping.


Skin: The Skinnery Xiao Bare Face NB -  Honey W/ Wowmeh Applier
Hair: Ploom @ My Attic Salt Water - Blondes Pack
Shape: Wowmeh Fitted Mesh Body
Eyes: Buzzeri @ The Seasons Story Arcane Eyes - Ocean
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh
Teeth: PXL Open Mouth Pro 2.0

Eyebrows: Buzzeri @ The Cosmetics Fair Talia Eyebrows - Dark Blonde
Lips: Buzzeri @ The Cosmetics Fair Summer Crush Gloss - Flamingo
Freckles: Pekka @ The Cosmetics Fair Dark Freckles W/ Heart Upper Cheek

Dress: Nana @ Fresh Style Coucou Princess Dress 
Headpiece: Pantsu Hunter @ Manga Fair Hunter Imp Maid - Pink
Shoes: Amala @ Chapter Four Gacha Item Jellies - White
Pins: Random Matter @ Manga Fair MisaMisa Pins Anime
Necklace: Lark @ The Dreamers Factory Dreamers Necklace - Dream Dust
Bag: Zenith @ The Seasons Story Gacha Item Piggy Head Bag (Thank you Darq <3)
Ice Cream: Imeka @ The Seasons Story Gacha Item Delicious Ice Cream 1 Rare (Thank you Darq <3)

Pose: elephante poses Rather Be 2 Year Birthday Giftie

, #The Skinnery #Ploom #Wowmeh #Buzzeri #Kustom9 #SLink #PXL #Pekka #Nana #Fresh Style #Pantsu Hunter #Manga Fair #Amala #The Chapter Four #Random Matter #Lark #The Dreamers Factory #Zenith #The Seasons Story #Imeka #elephante poses #Second Life #Fashion #Events #Virtual Worlds #Virtual Reality #Metaverse #Anabelle Marquis #Bellessima

Everyone Needs Someone Who Can Handle Their Darker Sides

I put this outfit together for the Haste harness that is at The Secret Affair and I found this amazing bikini also by Haste at L’Amitie Summer Market it is so tiny hence the name micro but it is so hot. 

I also hit up Romp and there is a lot of fun stuff at this event including this amazing hair style by LCKY and this super hot mask by Lark (I will feature again to show better). Kreao is making some awesome shoes I am so excited to see more foorwear by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations at We Love Role-Play.

Skin: DeeTaleZ Anka in Eastern
Hair: LCKY @ Romp Gwin Neutral A Pack
Shape: SLink Physique Fitted Mesh Body
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Body Tattoos: Mala Hamsa Henna Body Art (I think the store is gone)
Hand Tattoo: Paperbag @ The Cosmetics Fair Hamsa Hand Tattoo (My fav tat, atm)

Mask: Lark @ Romp Amaurotic Mask Feline Black
Bikini: Haste @ L’Amitie Summer Market Micro Black
Harness: Haste @ The Secret Affair Strapped Chest Harness Black & Silver
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ We Love Role-Play Wooden Platforms Black
Collar: May’s Soul Crow Collar Black
Bracelets: The Forge @ Project Limited Gypsy Bangles Black

Poses: Body Language Modeling Kneeling Pack

, #DeeTaleZ #LCKY #Romp Fair #SLink #Mala #Paperbag #The Cosmetics Fair #Haste #The Secret Affair #Cubic Cherry Kre-ations #We Love Role-Play #The Forge #Project Limited #Body Language #Anabelle Marquis #Bellessima #Second Life #Fashion #Gorean #Fantasy #Events #Virtual Worlds #Virtual Reality #Metaverse #May's Soul

Dream As If You Will Live Forever

The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Hunt is going on and there is a lot of cute stuff to buy and easy to find hunt items ;-) Cubic Cherry Kre-ations has the sweetest shoes I have seen in awhile they come in lots of sweet colors and there is one for the hunt. I hit The Dreamers Factory and snapped up 8f8's lovely Dreamer’s Cloudland set. We set it up nestled in and snuggled for the night. This is a sweetie pie event, I am cooling it with my gacha intake. I am happy there was some regular items there.

This hair is by Moon and is at Kustom9 it is call Light Hearted Wanderer and it is such a sweet style tysm Silent <3 

Skin: DeeTaleZ Anka in Eastern 
Hair: Moon @ Kustom9 Light Hearted Wanderer Ombre Pack
Shape: SLink Physique Fitted Mesh Body
Eyes: The Sugar Garden @ The Cosmetics Fair Summer Eyes in Hazel
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Freckles: Pekka @ The Cosmetics Fair Light Freckles Heart Mole
Eyebrows: NOX @ The Cosmetics Fair Taylor Brows Naturals Brown
Lips: The Sugar Garden Lovely Sheer Chapstick (Tintable)
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri Falsies
Nails: Chary Appliers for SLink Hands & Feet French Tip Set

Dress: C’es la vie @  The Dreamers Factory  Stella Dress in Mint (Love it)
Shoes: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Hunt Papilio Pumps in Pink
Tights: Cannibelle Shimmy Tights W/ SLink Physique and Feet Appliers
Earring: Cae @ Serafilms Kay (Comes a necklace and w/ a texture change hud for lots of color options)

Decor: 8f8 @ The Dreamers Factory Cloudland Set

, #DeeTaleZ #Moon #SLink #The Sugar Garden #Pekka #The Cosmetics Fair #NOX #Mon Cheri #Chary #c'est la vie #The Dreamers Factory #The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversairy Hunt #Cannibelle #Cae #Serafilms #The Godfather #8f8 #Anabelle Marquis #Bellessima #Second Life #Fashion #Virtual Worlds #Virtual Reality #Metaverse #Events

I’m So Tired, My Mind is Set on You 

I am very excited, I have joined the Plethora blogging team. I love Plethora stuff it is so fun! Thank you Liq <3 This super sweet Paper Homes Light, Cuppa Shelf and Wall Calendar are all by Plethora where to get will be in the details below. New hair by Moon OMG she has two new love em, the new store is so nice too, check it out!

This dress and flower crown are by .{yumyum}. and can be found at The Secret Affair. The Dress is called Summertime Sun Dress and it comes in a bunch of pretty colors, it is so adorable, I hope you will go check it out ;-) My necklace there is a bloody version included :) it is by BluPrintz and it is at this round of Serafilms which is Godfather themed so go get your gangsta on.

Skin: Essences Tila Med 02 Brunette
Hair: Moon Exhale Fades Pack
Eyes: The Sugar Garden @ The Cosmetics Fair Summer Eyes in Aquamarine
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Freckles: Pekka @ The Cosmetics Fair Light Freckles Star Mole
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri Falsies
Tattoo: Hiatus All The Things in Life
Nails: Chary Appliers for SLink Hands & Feet French Tip Set

Dress: .{yumyum}. @ The Secret Affair Summertime Sun Dress Frozen
Crown: .{yumyum}. @ The Secret Affair Floral Fauna Princess Crown Stark
Necklace: BluPrintz @ Serafilms Pearl Necklace Clean
Horns: Half-Deer @ Dreamers Factory Starry Twilight Antlers Pale/Pink Stars
Ears: Half-Deer @ Dreamers Factory Starry Twilight Ears Pale

House Mobile Light: Plethora @ L’Amitie Summer Market Paper Homes Light 
Shelf: Plethora @ Free Style Cuppa Shelf in Pink 
Wall Calendar: Plethora Wall Art Calendar
Chairs: Intrique Co. Polar Bear Chairs
Little Pig: Intrique Co. Wiggly Lil’ Piggy
Cup Pig: !Ohmai Teacup Piglet Gacha Item
Cabinet: Oyasumi @ Dreamers Factory Dream Cabinet
Rug: Oyasumi @ Dreamers Factory Dream Rug
Projector: [keke] @ Dreamers Factory Dreamers Projector Moon
Plant: Cheeky Pea Salcombe Planter

Standing Pose: elephante poses VIP Giftie California Love 

, #Essences #Moon #The Sugar Garden #SLInk #Plethora #Pekka #The Cosmetics Fair #Mon Cheri #HIatus #Chary #.{yumyum}. BluPrintz #Serafilms #Half-Deer #Dreamers Factory #L'Amitie Summer Market #Free Style #Intrique Co. !Ohmai #Oyasumi #[keke] Cheeky Pea #Anabelle Marquis #Bellessima #Events #Virtual Reality #Virtual Worlds #Metaverse #Decor #The Secret Affair